Labor Day and Barbecue: A Perfect Pair

We're sorry to be the ones to say it: summer is almost over. After all, Labor Day is next week.  Doesn't that mean it's time to get back to work/school routines, stop going to the pool, and start planning for the holidays? Doesn't it also mean a final backyard barbecue, a neighborhood softball game, and a final long weekend before fall arrives?

A (VERY) Brief History of Labor Day

Labor Day was first proposed by the Central Labor Union of New York in 1882 with the purpose of serving a tribute to the working-class-- men and women whose physical and largely manual labor built our country. The first Labor Day, in true American fashion, was marked by a demonstration with speeches in support of worker's contributions, followed by a picnic. Fast forward to 1894, when the US government declared the first Monday in September to be a legal holiday.

How We Celebrate Labor Day Today

For a while now, Labor Day has been dominated by backyard barbecues, pool parties, large retail sales, and beach days. Many towns and cities will also have a Labor Day parade, rather than a labor protest march. However, you choose to celebrate Labor Day, just remember that is a celebration of your hard work. Take a minute to acknowledge and applaud yourself for all your hard work thus far this year.

Eat BBQ for Labor Day at Lake & Oak Neighborhood BBQ

Lake & Oak Neighborhood BBQ is becoming one of the most popular neighborhood and Barbecue destinations in Atlanta. In the South, BBQ is a necessary staple for the holidays with Labor Day being the most important one! Why? Labor Day is supposed to be a day off from work and a day on for RELAXATION and enjoyment of the bounties of work. Let our team at Lake & Oak Neighborhood BBQ cook for your friends and family this weekend! Our doors will be open during regular operating hours and extended through Monday, September 6th until 7:00 pm as we are eager to serve you. See y'all soon.

For inquiries that serve more than 20 guests, contact Allison Lockhart,

For more reading on the History of Labor Day, we recommend this short article from Harvard Business Review.